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How I Successfully Assisted Mr Basir And Family Upgrade From HDB To A PTE Condo

The family of 4 has been living in their 5-Room HDB at Blk 878 Woodlands for a long while, that they decided to upgrade their lifestyle. Before they met me, the property was already in the market for the past at least 6 months through a few agents. With low numbers of viewings and no offers, they decided to look for another agent, and chance upon my profile on social media, our first meet up session starts here.

 We sat down to have an understanding on their concerns and work out the finances base on their family combined income, to their surprise, they can actually upgrade to a 3 bedrooms condo with minimum/low or even no cash involved. This is totally not within their initial plans that they thought they could only upgrade to an HDB executive apartment (EA). But before all these could take place, we have to first get its current 5RM HDB sold.

 How I did it?

 Through my unique ways in CREATIVE MARKETING, the property was place to correctly target the right buyers, an soon we received an offer, closing the deal smoothly.

 And today, they are a happy owner of a 3 Bedroom condo in Woodlands.

 This is one of the example on how I have SUCCESSFULLY assist and guide homeowners who are still unaware of how they can and what they can actually achieve within their capacity.

If you have similar concerns on how you can upgrade for a better lifestyle, let me share with you on how you can achieve your dreams today!


Another Unit Sold Through Creative Marketing

Mr And Mrs Lim, owner of 3’NG’ HDB at Blk220 Ang Mo Kio has decided to sell the place due to the maturity of their flat. And after selling, they have options to either stay with their children or to apply for a 2RM HDB Flexi BTO. They came to know me through tele conversation, and we arrange a meet up session at their place. They shared a few concerns about their property, which is what most HDB owners of mature estate will face. 

Question: 40 Years old, low floor and original condition. Can they still sell?

 Answer: ‘YES, YOU CAN’!

Even though the flat is 40 years old, it’s still in demand and the market share of older flats has been rising. No doubt the property is located on the lower floor, and in its original condition, it comes with an unblock greenery view which is very rare. The completed HIP (Home improvement Programme) is a plus point and amenities are within reach. Well, there are pros and cons to everything in life.

Here’s what he have for them, through our Creative Marketing, I share on how we can work together to bring out the best of the property, and one of it is our highly successful video home tour! The property was also meticulously put on social media, laser targeting the right pool of buyers. All these maximize the exposure of the property and soon we receive an offer within a short span of time. The couple wasn’t expecting such active respond from the market. 

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